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  Rockland Coed Softball League

Directions To The Fields

The fields for the 2006 Spring/Summer season have not yet been assigned by the various towns and municipalities. In past seasons, we have used the following fields:  

In Orangetown -
             - Kennedy-Reedy Field
             - DeMeola Park
In Ramapo -
             - Weldler Park
             - Fireman's Field
In Clarkstown/Congers -
             - Congers Lake
             - Germonds Field
             - Kings Park
In Haverstraw -
             - Thiells Mt. Ivy Field 
In Suffern/Sloatsburg
             - Rockland Community College Field
             - Sloatsburg Community Field

Directions to various fields are attached. There may be shorter, faster and/or more direct routes, but the attached directions are designed to provide a simple way to each field given that we have players from every town in Rockland as well as from Westchester, New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Once again, it is EMPHASIZED that you visit each field BEFORE you have a game there to insure your timely arrival on game day.

Questions?  Call me! These directions will be updated in relation to any additional or different fields prior to the beginning of the season.


                                       A/K/A The Commish

KENNEDY-REEDY FIELD is located on LESTER DRIVE in Orangeburg.

Exit 6W on the Palisades Parkway.  You will then be proceeding westbound on Orangeburg Road.  At the second traffic light make a LEFT onto Lester Drive. Proceed southbound on Lester Drive, make sure to stay to the right at the fork to stay on Lester.  The softball field will be on your right.  You will see a long metal fence along the road.  Park along the fence.  Our field is on the right side of the park, hitting toward the street.


Exit 6E on the Palisades Parkway will put you on Orangeburg Road going eastbound.  Go to the second traffic light, which is the intersection of Orangeburg Road and Western Highway.  Turn left onto Western Highway. Proceed northbound on Western Highway until you reach the traffic light at the intersection with West Erie Street.  Make a left onto West Erie Street. Proceed up Erie Street to the intersection of Van Wyck Road.  Turn left on Van Wyck and the field will be on your left along the street.


From western Rockland County, Mahwah, Ramsey, etc:

Take the NYS Thruway Eastbound/Southbound to the Airmont Road Exit. At the end of the exit, turn left onto Airmont Road.  Continue on Airmont Road until you come to the intersection (which has a traffic light) with College Road. Make a left onto College Road.  Proceed on College Road to Viola Road (You will pass the entrance to Rockland Community College just before getting to this intersection).  Make a right on Viola Road. Once on Viola Road, you make your first right onto West Maple Avenue.  proceed on West Maple Avenue approximately4 miles. The entrance to the Park is on your left.  Park at the far end of the parking lot.  You will see two baseball fields from the parking lot. The softball field is behind the tree line which borders left field of the baseball field which is adjacent to the parking lot.

From eastern Rockland, Rivervale, Northvale, Connecticut, etc:

Take the NYS Thruway (north and west) to the Airmont Road Exit. At the end of the exit, turn right onto Airmont Road.  Follow the above directions.

Also, for PIP users from the North:

Take the PIP to Exit 13.  Turn right onto Route 202.  Proceed on 202 until your reach the intersection with Route 306 (which has a traffic light). Make a left turn onto Route 306.  Continue on Route 306 until you reach the intersection (which has a traffic light) with Viola Road.  Make a RIGHT turn onto Viola Road. Proceed on Viola Road westbound. After you go up the hill, make a   left turn onto West Maple Avenue. (If you come to the Traffic light at the intersection with College Road, you went too far).

FIREMAN'S FIELD is off of East Eckerson Road in Hillcrest.

2 Ways:

1A) From the North - Southbound on the Palisades Parkway to Exit 11. Turn right onto New Hempstead Road.  At the intersection with Route 45 (Main Street), turn left onto Route 45. Proceed on Route 45 southbound to  Williams Avenue. Make a left onto Williams Avenue.   Make a right turn onto Hillside Avenue.  The field is at the end of the street.  We use the field farthest from Hillside Avenue (i.e., the field on the south side of the park).

1B) From the South - Northbound on the PIP to Exit 11.  Turn left onto New Hempstead Road.  Follow the directions above.

2)  If you know where West Clarkstown Road is:  Take West Clarkstown Road to (East) Eckerson Road.  Turn onto (East) Eckerson Road.  Take Eckerson Road to Trinity Avenue.  Make a right onto Trinity Avenue. Then make a left onto Williams Avenue and then turn Left onto Hillside Avenue. The field is at the end of Hillside.  See #1 above.

CONGERS LAKE is located in Congers Lake Park on Gilcrest Road, which is off ROUTE 303.

From New City, Haverstraw and Northern environs:

Route 303 South past Lake Road to the traffic light at the intersection with Gilcrest. Make a right onto Gilcrest.  Go past the entrance to the park and pool on your right. Then, turn left into the parking lot in front of the tennis courts.  The field is behind the tennis courts.

From Route 59 and the NYS Thruway:

Go North on Route 303. Go to the intersection with Gilcrest Road (there is a traffic light at this intersection).  Make a left onto Gilcrest Road.  See above.

GERMONDS FIELD is located in Bardonia in the Town of Clarkstown.

For the regular season of the summer of 2004, we are using Field 3, which is the field with the 60' infield and the fence in left field.

Route 304 northbound to the intersection with Bardonia Road.  Turn right onto Bardonia Road.  Proceed to the end of Bardonia Road.  Left onto Germonds Road, and then left into Germonds Park.  Proceed all the way up the roadway to the parking lot at the end.  The field is to the far right when facing the fields from the parking lot. (It is the field farthest from the walkway on the left).

KINGS PARK is located on Kings Highway in Congers.

We have fields 1 and 2.  Field 1 is the field furthest south; field 2 is the field between field 1 and the little league field on the northern end of the park.

From the South:  Route 59 to Route 303 northbound; left on Lake Road (Rite Aid is on the far corner).  As you proceed westbound on Lake Road, you will come to the intersection with Kings Highway.  Make a right onto Kings Highway.  The fields will be on your left.

From the North:  Route 303 southbound to Congers Lake Road (Rick's American Cafe is on the corner).  Proceed westbound on Congers Lake Road to the intersection with Kings Highway.  Make a left onto Kings Highway (you will be proceeding southbound).  The park will be on your right.

THIELLS - MT.IVY FIELD is located off of Thiells - Mt. Ivy Road in Pomona.           

From the South:  Take the Palisades Parkway Northbound to Exit 13. You will exit onto Thiells-Mt. Ivy Road.  From the exit, make a left onto Thiells-Mt. Ivy Road.  Proceed northbound on Thiells-Mt. Ivy Road.  When you see a Restaurant and the Rotella Golf Course on your left, be prepared to make a RIGHT TURN onto the next roadway (where there is a HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT sign).  Proceed along that road.  We have one of the two fields.  We have been given field A, which is the second (far) field you come to while on the Highway Department road.  From the North:  Take Exit 13.  Go left at light, go left at next light onto Thiells-Mt. Ivy Road.  Follow above.

ROCKLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE FIELD is located directly behind the athletic building at RCC, which is located off College Road in Suffern.

From the NYS Thruway:  Take the Airmont Road Exit.  Go North on Airmont Road (away from Applebee's).  Take a left onto Spook Rock Road (intersection has a light).  Make a right onto Viola Road.  Turn right into the first RCC parking lot that you come to.

From Palisades:  Take Exit 13.  Go West on Route 202, towards Suffern.  Proceed on 202 to the intersection with Route 306.  Turn left onto Route 306.  Continue on 306 until you reach the intersection with Viola Road.  Turn right onto Viola Road.  Go through the intersection at College Road and you will see a RCC sign on your left.  Turn into the parking lot there.  


NYS Thruway (North/West) to Exit 15A (Sloatsburg/Suffern), turn left at the end of the exit onto Route 17 North.  Proceed 1.9 miles north to Route 17.  At the light, turn right into the gravel roadway, which is the entrance to SLOATSBURG COMMUNITY FIELDS.  Proceed along the gravel roadway to the SECOND FIELD on your right.

NOTE:  The field has a 90' infield with in-ground baseball bases.  Obviously, you will need to lay bases for the softball distances!